Harness the Power of Your Contract Fuel Price Data


Upload your fuel price files and view by vendor and fbo. Search by IATA or ICAO with advanced filters to find you the best price. Order the right deal for your mission while considering taxes and hidden fees. Carbon copy the PIC to advise of the chosen deal.


One click ordering of a fuel release takes the hassle out of the process. Continue with your trip planning as your inbox fills up with your releases. Our web based program enables access anywhere with no individual licenses required for multiple devices.


Watch the savings pile up with detailed reporting like vendor effectiveness, invoice reconciliation, and location history. Aviation dispatchers, pilots, and accountants will love our program which costs about 1/3 less than similar solutions.

Contract Fuel Savings Puts You in Control of Your Jet Fuel Prices

We take the hassle out of finding the best contract fuel price by saving you time and money. If you're not comparing at least 3-5 fuel vendors/suppliers for each flight leg, you're paying too much for Jet Fuel. Sign up for several contract fuel vendors and upload your weekly price sheets here, in your secure and private company profile. During the flight planning process:


  • Search destinations by IATA or ICAO.
  • Compare your vendors price offerings with volume and tax considerations.
  • Click to order the best deal directly through the vendor.
  • Your fuel release(s) will be emailed to your inbox as you continue with your other flight preparations.
  • After your flight, view fuel order history, vendor effectiveness, and reconcile your fuel invoices for accuracy and accounting.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with ContractFuelSavings.com. Call or Register Today (1-800-307-1276) to get started with a 30 Day Free Trial. Our services should pay for themselves after just one fueling.

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"The service you provide is excellent and your rates are very reasonable compared to other companies I have researched and used in the past. If a question comes up there is no hesitation on your part to resolve the issue and your follow up is amazing and allows me to complete my itinerary with necessary information for crew."

BD, Morristown, NJ
"For me, Contract Fuel Savings is user friendly, the price is right, and we are saving some serious money. BTW it was put together by one of our own, a corporate pilot that can appreciate what we go through to save the company $$$."

Williams, Tulsa, OK